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Mobile Websites for Restaurants

Does your restaurant sell the sizzle?

They’ll bring an agenda, money and an appetite. They won’t bring, studies show, their laptop, any knowledge of the Philadelphia restaurant scene or any tolerance for bad mobile sites when they search for a place to eat.

Let’s look at the Numbers

These restaurant mobile statistics were compiled by research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey on smartphone behavior.

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“…The most important asset to your bottom line is your actual website—that’s where your message needs to start and where you need to drive your customers."

13 Mistakes You're Making on Your Restaurant's WebsiteFull-Service Restaurants Magazine

“…a restaurant’s own website certainly makes a big difference.”

The Website Rules That Will Drive Hungry Customers To Your Restaurant

"Many potential patrons now rely heavily on mobile devices when deciding where they’re going to eat. Ignore them at your peril."

More customers finding restaurants via smartphones Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

Does your restaurant sell the sizzle?

It’s likely that even if people are walking by your restaurant, they’ll still find you online because they’re looking at their phones.

Ben Berzai


Independent Restaurateur

If you want your restaurant to draw a crowd, then put mobile on the menu.

“Nearly all of your guests and potential customers carry mobile phones"
National Restaurant Association