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Barber Shop Website Design

Philla Barber Co.

Consolidating the image and online presence for two venerable Philadelphia barbershops, Barber on 24 and Burke & Payne.

You’ll notice these two websites look similar. It was by design.

When the team at Phila Barber Co came to us with plans to meet the digital age and incorporate their two Philadelphia barbershop business websites with an appointment and payment app — truly with the times – they also wanted the ability to add new services as well as allow users to book with individual barbers. They also wanted to be able to add new staff and delete old staff on their own.

No Problem.

The plan was to incorporate a similar, custom template so they could show off their work, change services and add and subtract events without my help.

To avoid confusion of two different systems, I built them to same to contain both a dominant form of branding for their websites as well as make each change easy to find in both systems.

They also wanted to be able to make changes to their website on the fly if they wanted. Even on their cellphone.

Also, no problem. And, we must say, it came out well.

What we Did

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  • Philadelphia Barbershop Website Design
  • Philadelphia Barbershop Website Design
  • Philadelphia Barbershop Website Design
  • Philla Barber Co. Barber Shop Website Design

    Square Integration

    Yes, we could have developed an appointment service for the Philly barber shops websites, but they'd already signed up with, and were comfortable, with Square.

    That doesn't change the fact that a crucial part of their website is to assign these bookings from each stylist's page. As people in any industry know, people come and go. So, to make it better for them to do this, we made it possible not only to add and delete staff as they come and go, but also to allow them to enter the Square Booking links so users could book with the specific stylist online. And they can do this without any help from us. They can do it from their cell phone, if they want to. They already have!

    What we liked about this project is what we like about all projects — getting the business owner to be able to make changes and add to their website without our assistance. We are always glad to help, but as an agency it feels incredibly rewarding to give our clients agency to make changes for themselves.

    Coming Up

    Plans to redesign both Logos for both Burke & Payne and Barber on 24th are in the near future. Be on the lookout for those new images.