New England Eye

Identity / Print Design

  • Trust was the problem they were having in their communities, so they turned to me for trust in brand.

Every business is more trustworthy with a well thought out business image.

The folks at New England Eye weren’t happy with  theirs and contacted  me to reimagine their overall image to build that trust.The project happened in three phases.

The first phase, marketing outreach for Boston and Framingham Public Schools, involved creating a greater trust in first-generation immigrant communities sending their kids to public school who are typically mistrustful of organizations like this one. We wanted them to trust the doctors would be administering eye exams explicitly, so my idea was to showcase the doctors themselves in the brochure so parents could put a face to the organization, as well as recognize the doctor once they arrived. Additionally, outreach collateral like business cards, stationery, and signage were needed.

 The second phase, a rebranding of New England Eye itself, was needed to build both online and off-line credibility to validate the first. In addition to logo design  — something I suggested and did on a whim and did not bill for – stationary, signage, and other visual assets were created.

The third phase, the New England Eye Website Launch,  involved in store promotional asset creation as well as ideas for asset creation like contests were in order. We put in place a raffle for the creative but poignant way to remind users that the new website was live and ready to use.

What we did for New England Eye

So much of your overall health begins with good eye health. At New England Eye we provide quality, patient-centered care to you by protecting and preserving one of your most valued and precious senses - your sight.