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Deacon Giles Distillery

  • New Salem-based distillers tap Anthem to create their first branded website. Even before they've bottle one batch.

Building a brand legend behind at inception.

With a good story.

Deacon Giles founders, and former employee’s of Boston’s famous Harpoon Brewery, Ian Hunter and Jesse Brenneman understood this both when naming their brand as well as using the warts-and-all legend of Salem, MA, as part and parcel of the story they will tell and a legend behind the booze they will sell.

The Bottle and the Book

Hunter saw our work for GrandTen Distilleries, another client of ours, and sought us out to do their new site. While we were just contracted for the WordPress web design that delivered on that legend, we were more than happy to help with principal photography, art direction and coining the succinct methodology for how they will present information about their brand in the future, either through “The Bottle” or “The Book.”

Hunter and Brenneman have yet to open the doors on their distillery, but when they do…

After you’ve looked at the work, do a little reading on the Good Deacon, who was anything but…

What we did for Deacon Giles Distillery

Distillery iPad Design
Distillery Website Design
Distillery Website Design
Distillery iPad Design

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