Mar 31, 2013

Tweets from a Century Ago

The Internet is just like real life.

Charming, aren’t they?

On a recent walk through an MFA, I stumbled upon these — postcards from the past. some announced the coming 1936 German Olympic Games, others lampooned Rasputin, and still even more commemorated the completion of architectural achievements like the Eiffel Tower. They are wholey trapped in time, but they serve as stark reminders of how we communicate in the present.
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Their charm is innate, there is a sense of a bygone era that will never return. But, as you pace through the exhibit, satori! you realize that humans have always needed to communicate, and the same reason folks sent postcards in the is why we post status updates, or Tweets, in the present. What these postcards are our short reminders of where you are but that the sender is thinking of you.

We encourage you to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other relevant social networks the same way. Show people what you are doing and show them that you are thinking of them while you are doing it. Include a short packet of information with a visual stimulus. Did a celebrity come into your business? Photos, please? Did someone say something nice about you on Yelp! Let others know.

More importantly, you should put that information on your website. Post the photo to the blog. Then copy the link from that blog and paste it into the relevant social network. Get the bang for your postcard buck.