Patrick Berzai

Managing Director

I grow people, grow practices, and grow profits.

Growing People:
I hire and lead inclusive teams. Everyone matters and anyone can contribute. I am proud of hiring diverse people with diverse ideas. As a result, of the nearly 30 new hires I’ve made in my career, 50% have been women and 57% have been people of color.

Growing Practices:
I keep the companies I work for on the digital vanguard in the ever-shifting digital landscape. Success and efficiency come from being customer obsessed, eternally curious, and channel agnostic. Integrated, analytics, SEO, SEM, CRM, UX/UI, omnichannel, programmatic, branding and lead generation.

Growing Profits:
After hiring the right people and employing the right methods, my portfolios swelled to 2X or 3X my goals. I am also 3-0 so far at major agency new business pitches.

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