Jul 17, 2014

Your Flash site is bad for your business.

Take a good, long look at that sad, overweight superhero above.  If your site is built in Flash – which was once a great hope for the internet like The Flash was humanity – that’s what it looks like to users now. Tired. Bloated. Unreliable. The Flash, indeed.

In addition to being hard to read for search engines, Adobe’s Flash does not work on most mobile phones. While this was not a huge problem in 2008, before the explosion of smartphone usage, it has progressively been more imperative to update your site to a standards-based HTML site if you want to be seen, and be seen as ‘reliable’ to internet users. Adobe gave up on using Flash in Smartphones in 2011.

For those of you still running Flash, it’s about to get worse. Search giant Google (with it’s massive 67.3 % search market share) announced this week that it will actively warn users that if your business if fortunate enough to show up in the search engine result pages ( called SERPs ), that it will display a message that looks like this, which actively discourages users from clicking on the result.

Google Gives Up On Flash

If your competition shows up in the same results, not only will users click them, they will also view you as ‘tainted.’ Go ahead. Google your business. See what it says. I’ll wait.

What should you do?

For many years now, and into the future, Google recommends a responsive website built with modern web technologies – namely HTML5 – so that the search giant can better understand what you are trying to say, and, more importantly, trying to sell. And for that reason, you are in luck, because that is what we make. Have a look at the work we’ve done and contact us to get that tired, bloated and unreliable site of your working for you in a flash.