Jun 28, 2014

What does my restaurant website need?

It seems strange to me that a business group like restaurants would want, and hope to thrive, on those free marketing annoyances of people taking cell phone photos of what they are about to eat, yet not be mobile friendly enough to get these customers there in the first place.

“…a restaurant’s own website certainly makes a big difference.”

The Website Rules That Will Drive Hungry Customers To Your Restaurant

“…The most important asset to your bottom line is your actual website—that’s where your message needs to start and where you need to drive your customers. 13 Mistakes you are Making with your Restaurant’s Website

If you own a restaurant that you want people to come to, you need to be friendly for smartphones. You need a mobile version of your website.
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Still, so few of you do it? Is there any reason? If there is, then below are some tidbits you should know before you say no again to a redesign of your site. Contact me, and we can get you from the stone age to the space age ( and up those Google rankings ).

To start, here are a few things you should know.

Be Mobile Interactive

I can not stress this enough. More importantly, research can not stress this enough. Half of all searches begin on a mobile phone. That’s for everything. For restaurants, the number is higher. Picture a person who’s landing in Philadelphia from another city, is hungry and looks to their mobile phone to find a place to eat. Now go to your site on your mobile. Answer this question honestly – would you want to go there, knowing nothing about your place?

Don’tUse a Downloadable Menu

If your menu is downloadable as a PDF, no one will download it. Just because one patron said they did, know that they are the exception. The rule is this – not only will they not download your menu, they will look for a different restaurant.

Loose the Flash Intros / Splash Screens NOW

Not only are splash screens more passe than bellbottoms, they don’t work on most mobile phones, and definitely not the iPhone. Users will see a blank screen. What do you think they will do next? That’s right. They’re gone. Not only do they piss users off, but they also piss off Google. Sorry for the language, but that is how seriously you need to take it.

Show Off

Your call and email tabs should be able to be immediately linked to either call or email without copying and pasting anything. Why would you present more hurdles to get your customers to your business?