Aug 02, 2016

Philadelphia Breakfast Spots, Hook-up Culture and You.

They're dazed, lost and and hungry the morning after. What have you got for them?

As Philadelphia breakfast spot owners, you’ve seen them. Restaurant owners who serve Brunch, you’ve seen them, too.

They’re easy to spot — overdressed for a weekend morning but in wrinkled clothes, slow pace, hair in shambles as they hold their head hoping it will help the pain.

If you asked them – don’t – but if you did, they may not be able to tell you the complete details of the night before. They know that it was fun, but they’re not sure where they were when they woke up and all the really want is an omelette, or pancakes or something drenched in syrup.

So as soon as they leave wherever they were, exchange numbers or emails or whatnot, they get on their phones and look up “breakfast spots near me.” They don’t really know where “near me” is, but Google does. They check out a few websites – squinting, of course – and settle on a place, map it, and follow directions.

It makes sense, and it happens a lot.

Did you know that more than 33% of local search business is from non-locals?