Jan 26, 2015

Two words that can make or break your online business.

Mobile users have finally had it with your website, and Google’s doing something about it.

Late last year, the search giant made the announcement that it will now take very seriously NOT returning your website in search results if it is not mobile friendly.* They’re serious. And it could cost you.

Before you go lambasting Google for this, stop. Google’s long goal is to return the most relevant, most valuable websites to their users. If your site loads too slowly, a user will bounce. If your site needs to be pinched and spread on a mobile phone to be understood, users will bounce. This does not just reflect poorly on your business, it reflects poorly on Google.
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That’s why Google takes this seriously.

How do I know if my Site is not Mobile Friendly?

First thing you can do is Google your business. Do you see those two words? If you don’t, then you can use one of Google’s two free tools —Mobile Friendly Test, the second is their Page Speed Analytics (  page speed is also very, very important.  )—to tell you what you need to do to get those two words. Both are free.

Why this matters and what you get?

Let’s start with what you get — pictured to the right. It doesn’t look like much now — just two words that start your site’s description— but it will get worse for your business soon. Soon, all of the sites returned on non-branded mobile searches will contain those two words. If you don’t have those two words, well, you likely won’t show up.

What you need to do about it and when.

First, the when. You needed to address it yesterday. Or in 2013. But by now that’s water under the bridge / spilled milk.

*If you don’t want to read all of this short article, just scroll to the bottom and read the last sentence.