Jul 14, 2015

For Flash Sites Owners, this is not good news

The once-vanguard technology is now banned on most browsers. You have to fix this. Yesterday.

Flash is dead. In Spanish, Flash es muerto. French — Flash est mort. Macedonian? Флеш е мртов.

It doesn’t matter in what language you state it, Flash is going the way of the dodo, and the end could come quickly. If you want to skip to the point of this article, here it is: If your business has its website built in Flash, you need to change that immediately, if not sooner than that.

You must.
You must.
You must.

You must because of what just happened recently with Flash’s security patches – or lack thereof – that caused Firefox to block Flash content for a few days because it was vulnerable to hacking. That means that if you have a Flash website for your business, then your site was not seen in that popular web browser for days. According to The Guardian article in which even Facebook was calling to an end to Flash, when a user found your business website link, it looked like this.

Now for someone who is not internet savvy, this would not be so much a poor reflection on Flash itself, but, rather, a poor reflection on your business. They’ll think you were the cause of this.

That’s not good.

We’ve wrote about the death of Flash recently, but due to recent security problems with the player expressed above, this just adds to a long list of problems that Flash has experienced lately.

Problems like:

  • Flash will not work on any mobile device, which is a huge percentage of your new business browsers.
  • Steve Jobs, while he still lived, to write in a long letter in 2010 saying that it will never work on iAnything. To date Apple has kept, and will keep, that promise.
  • Google’s search engine warnings for Flash Players that essentially discouraged mobile users from clicking on a link for a website built in Flash.

Now Flash, once the darling of the expressive web and the second-most downloaded internet application, will soon disappear. There is even a website dedicated to its eradication.  And with it any online notice of your business if you don’t change that soon.

We could go on, but, again, the moral of the story is this — if you have a Flash website for your business, change that today. Contact us and we can help you do that.