Tweed Barbershop

When owner Peter Solomon disbanded from his Chicago-based State Street Barbers and renamed his Boston haircuttery Tweed Barbershop, he contract us for the graphic design and branding work.

His old shop had already been recognized by GQ magazine as one of America’s best barber shops under the State Street Name, so he was leaving a lot behind by rebranding. We kept that in mind as we defined a new vision for his business.

We collaborated on ideas through a number of meetings – many hits and misses – to come up with a classic, manly-neutral ( it’s a concept now! )  concept for the logo. The idea was to design in place – to consider where people will see the logo both online and in the streets, and settled on a classic, deep red with a lion. What started with Plantagenet lions became this one.

Oh, business card templates and more were on the docket. Of course.

What we did for Tweed Barbershop

Tweed Barbers Logo
barber shop branding
Barber Shop Logo Design

Dirty Water TV Reports from Tweed Barbers

Video by John Field.