Philly Park Charms

The folks at Fairmount Park Houses Philly Park Charms wanted to make a big splash for their upcoming Holiday Houses tour.

So they approached us to create a website that spoke to the seasonal cheer of this family-friendly event. Their previous seasonal events had drawn good crowds, but the goal was to create an experience that spoke to the happiness and joy of Christmas and draw more. Their goals given were clear – they needed to be able to add and edit events on their own, to invite people to blog about events and to list main events easily.

Each year since 2016 has brought new needs, and new designs. All challenges met.

What we did for Philly Park Charms

Web Design Trends Custom Google Map Integration

One of the challenges with the holiday house events was that each house is independently run, and independently willing to host events on certain days and times.

Additionally, while the houses are near each other, they're not all walking distance. So we wanted to create an easy way for users to see where the houses were, as well as what was offered there.

Using Google Maps, we were able to customize the locations with custom icons, and add a link to the events to the specific page. Voila!

Previous Iterations

Holiday Philadelphia Website Design

Create Your Schedule

The Holiday Houses events came in two types - featured events, which happened at all houses all day - and smaller, one-off events on a weekday evening.

Using WordPress's extended features, we were able to make it so that anyone with access could add an event to the website from the back end. Even on their mobile phone.

Not only could you create an event, but you can also add photos, times, dates and more so that users can better understand — and attend — the scheduled events.