Metropole Contracting

Metropole Contracting’s owner, Paul Stec, successfully runs his renovations and remodeling business for homeowners and small restaurants in Boston.

That much is true.

Much of his business is repeat business — a new kitchen, a new bath, new paint. But much of his new business is referral business, too. He knows intuitively, and explicitly, that referral business prospects aren’t completely sold on a simple recommendation from a friend and that he needs to look like he knows what he’s doing online should that prospect check him out his website. “I need to look good everywhere,” he said.

He’s right.

In fact, looking good everywhere, and being available anywhere, has a name. Shortened to ZMOT, Zero Moment of Truth is a concept coined by Google that expresses just this – to be available everywhere and look good everywhere to the consumer because one never knows what causes the tipping point of a customer to decide on a business. It means being available on mobile, desktop and tablet for those curious prospects.

What we did for Metropole Contracting

Residential Contractor website design
Residential Contractor website design

Marketing Philosophy ZMOT

ZMOT — short for Zero Moment of Truth — means being available for the transaction at all times, in appearance, name, attitude and actual availability. It means not missing an opportunity to take customer information, either for soft leads or direct leads.

That's why every page has a soft form, where Metropole Contracting can take just a bit of information to answer a question without the feeling of having to detail their desire to be sold on services.

Residential Contractor website design