Mass Munis

The municipal bond boys at Moors & Cabot, a downtown Boston investment firm, wanted an online website where they could attract and appeal to a larger range of local, monied clientele.


The Mass Muni sellers have two kinds of competition – names like Fidelity, Merrill Lynch and other mega-bank conglomerates that M & C could never approach in terms of budget or time in marketing – as well as the other kind of competition, which is other types of investments. So with this clean simple site, the added marketing angle was the secondary bond market, where folks at these larger firms generally pay less attention to their clients as well as devote less time to the understanding of those markets.

With the design and logo, we we looking for something that made a statement to a generally older, conservative audience — careful not to look too much like those major competitors listed above , but not to stand out so much that it looks like we’re selling candy. The careful balance we always weigh when creating Boston small business websites is to be bold, but also to be basic. It’s not so much our own design preference, rather, it’s a knowledge of how people prefer to get their information and respond to that information.

We think we accomplished that through their informational website in Boston.

What we did for Mass Munis

Philadelphia Financial Website Design
Philadelphia Financial Website Design
Mass Munis Mobile Site
Mass Munis Mobile Site