Deacon Giles Distillery

We’re excited to break code on the new Deacon Giles Distillery website — even before the boys at the new bottlers break ground on their facility to craft batches of gin and rum. The Salem, MA, distillers liked another distillery website, GrandTen, that we created and recruited us to build their custom website from scratch.

Both the story behind the founders, Ian Hunter and Jesse Brenneman, as well as the story of the true Deacon Giles, are a great place to start any website. As you may have already encountered somewhere on the site, we emphasize storytelling in the creation of all marketing outreach, and especially on the website. It has everything — a legend rooted in reality, a place to stage it and a product that reflects their story.

The final design will include textures and typography that evoke Salem in a number of different ages – the witch-burning, Pilgrim’s Progress beginning, it’s naval ‘creamy middle’ and its turn-of-the-century, industrial age. Essentially textures will include worn wood, weathered leather and old paper. So far, anyway.

Be on the lookout for the new distillery website in a matter of about a month, and keep your eyes peeled for their first runs of gin and rum slated to hit shelves and bars later this year! We’ll keep you posted on that last part, definitely.

Just when we thought we left business behind in Boston….