Autobright Car Care Center –

Autobright Car Care Center was one of my first clients. The Framingham auto care center trusted me early on, and I appreciate that. So, for their third redesign under my watch, we are going to integrate all of their outreach from their website in order to increase traffic under specific keywords. The first drafts of the home page have also been approved save for one change – removing the logo for Quaker State, as they are no longer a sole affiliate. This is the sort of thing that Photoshop drafts from creative to client are so important.

See the Progress Live

Car wash website

It’s nothing special, and that’s the point. Through the new auto for a website, with WordPress as a CMS, the client will be able to update deals, or offer specials as they see fit. car wash sales down? Let’s run a special. Would we like more repeat oil change customers? Let’s add a new repeat customer program and advertise it to the site.